What is the plagiat?

Plagiarism consists in borrowing the productions of another person, without citing their source, and presenting them as if they were his own. This is not a simple question of respect for copyrights, it is mainly about intellectual honesty.

Plagiarism can take many forms:

• Copy verbatim one or more passages from a book, magazine or web page without enclosing it in quotation marks and / or without mentioning the source.

• Paraphrase an author’s ideas without mentioning their source.

• Insert images, graphics, data, etc. into a job. from external sources without indicating their source.

• Reuse a work produced in another course without first obtaining the teacher’s agreement.

• Perform, in whole or in part, individual work with one or more people.

• Use the work of another person and present it as their own (even if that person has agreed).

• Buy a job on the web.

• Cite non-existent sources.

• Any other similar action.

Whatever its form, plagiarism is a totally unacceptable practice that is sanctioned by obtaining a grade of zero (0).

Some tips to avoid plagiarism:

• Make reading sheets to record relevant information: references, quotes, ideas, etc. (see The reading sheets).

• Immediately write the complete reference on a photocopy of a document.

• Keep the photocopy of the document used until the handing over of the work.

• Make sure that all citations are quoted or indented when they are more than three lines long (see Layout).

Ensure that all citations and borrowings are accompanied by a footnote indicating the exact reference (see Footnotes).


Fraud involves using any sources of information not authorized by the teacher or using any document proposed or authorized by the teacher that has been falsified. Fraud is also the deliberate action of a student to make available an individual production for one or more students.

To conclude, it is important to know what has been written on a subject before you can deepen it or develop it yourself.

To state its readings and what is retained of essential by the means of references, it is to show not only of modesty but also of intellectual rigor.